School Uniform

¬ Children without proper uniform may not be admitted in the class.

¬ It is recommended that students have at least two sets of regular uniforms and 1 set of P.T. Uniform (For Std I to X).

¬ Brown belt and simple watches may be worn by the students (For Std I to X). Gold ornaments, expensive and fancy watches as well as fancy school bags or those provided by coaching classes are not allowed.

¬ During monsoon, black rain shoes or sandals (not gumboots) without socks are allowed.

¬ Boys must have short hair. Girls must make two plaits for long hair or two pony’s for short hair and tie black ribbons or bands with regular uniform and white ones with P.T. Uniforms (For Std I to X). Finger Nails must be cut short.

¬ Only maroon coloured sweaters are allowed in winter.

¬ It is compulsory for all the students to wear the school I-card.

¬ Students must come to school neatly dressed with clean and ironed clothes. Children coming to school untidy are liable to be sent back home.